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Weavers Produce & More

Where can you go to get fresh tomatoes in November, double yoked eggs, and pickled garlic? IMG_8257

Weavers Produce & More opened six years ago in a tent in front of what used to be Patsy’s Bar & Grill, at 3822 North State Hwy. 7, Hot Springs Village, Arkansas. They later opened a stand at the Shell station near the Village East Gate. A year ago, they moved into Suite 1 at the Civers Center.

strawberriesontableThe store is a nice large space with long tables loaded with fresh produce, racks full of preserved foods and natural products, and an abundance of freezers full of vegetables and fruits. Harold and Deloris Weaver are experts on finding good food, and they are happy to tell you about what they have and where it comes from.


Anderson Farm in Bismarck, Arkansas, famous for their candy sweet purple and white onions, is one of their suppliers. During the growing season, the Weavers buy their onions, new potatoes, pickling cucumbers, squash, green beans, eggplant, turnips, turnip greens, and mustard greens from Anderson Farm.

peaches2In the summer, the Weavers get peaches and blackberries from
Jamison Orchard
in Nashville, Arkansas. They sell peaches at the store and at the Shell station near the Village East Gate. Surplus goes into the freezers and is available long past the growing season.


Wardlaw Brothers Farms in Hermitage, Arkansas is another of the Weavers’ suppliers. They have 140 acres certified organic, and they grow tomatoes, okra, cucumbers, squash, peppers, strawberries, watermelon, and cantaloupes.


cheese&butterIn addition to fresh and frozen produce, the Weavers stock preserved goods such as jams, jellies, pickled garlic, as well as noodles, cheese, butter and lots more from Ohio Amish Country in Millersville, Ohio. They also stock maple syrup from Wisconsin, and an array of natural products. They have spices, lotions, salves, ointments, and candles from J.R. Watkins. They also carry essential oils and soaps and other natural products from Melaleuca.

The Weavers recently added produce from Arkansas Natural Produce, which means they will have fresh vegetables, greens, and herbs all winter.


Around December 20, the Weavers head to West Palm Beach, Florida to visit their grandchildren. The trip is timed to coincide with the peak of the citrus season, and they also visit Anthony Orchard and bring back Honeybells, oranges, grapefruit, coconuts, Florida avocados, tangerines, and clementines.

Stopping by the store is always a pleasant experience. Spending some time to explore and talk can result in some unusual finds – Arkansas black and Honeycrisp apples, mineral-rich unrefined maple syrup, frozen creamed corn, frozen cranberries. It’s one of those places where there is such abundance that you need to slow down and look closely. It’s a jewel of a produce market – and more.

Weavers Produce & More

3822 Hwy 7 N, Suite 1
Hot Springs Village, AR

April through September: Closed Sunday and Wednesday
Closed Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday, October – March

Facebook: Weavers produce & more.