Grow GreenEat Well, a collaborative effort between Sharon Dent and Louise Lee, is an outgrowth of the Vegetable Garden Forum and the Garden to Table Roundtable .

 Sharon Dent started the Vegetable Garden Forum in 2011. This group visits local farmers and gardeners to see first-hand what interesting and unique things are happening around us to enhance the food supply. Central Arkansas has an abundance of farms using natural practices as well as experienced gardeners. The location visits are good for seeing what a particular person or group is doing and exploring specific topics.

Sensing a need for more discussion and sharing, Sharon organized the Garden to Table Roundtable in 2014. The roundtable is based on the model of 18th century French salons, where like-minded people gathered to discuss ideas. There are no speakers or formal programs. Rather, the people who show up talk about what they are doing, ask questions, and contribute information gleaned from their own research and experience. Anything related to growing and preparing good healthy food is fair game for discussion.  Both groups are informal  with no organizational affiliation.

In June of 2015, Sharon teamed up with Louise Lee to create this blog, Grow Green – Eat Well. It is one more step toward raising awareness and increasing knowledge of how to grow and enjoy healthy food. It provides a forum for discussion and sharing. It is a resource for people – consumers, growers, producers, and restaurant owners — to connect with each other, share, and find the best food available.

Sharon-roster7Sharon Dent is a long time gardener having grown up on a farm in northeast Arkansas. She and her husband lived in Phoenix and Tampa and retired in Hot Springs. She is an Advanced Master Gardener and a recent Arkansas Master Gardener of the Year. She loves all things green, but her passion is growing edibles. She serves on the Board of Directors of the Hot Springs Community Garden Network.
Louise Lee is a longtime urban gardener, having spent her childhood in central Florida and most of her adult life in Miami. She worked as an information technology professional and later as a librarian. She is a Master Gardener, who is also passionate about growing edibles. Her love of food was ignited when she lived in France during her college years.





3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Lovely lovely site! And thanks for giving Gud Fud and the Superior the attention they richly deserve as two great assets to Hot Springs.

    Any chance we [Spa City Co-op] could get a side-tag or whatever those are called now? Or just a mention directing folks to our website, spacity.locallygrown.net? We’d be happy to reciprocate with a weblog shout-out to our 300+ members.

    As the fall approaches, some people might want to know about our offerings of Arkansas Natural Produces greenhouse-grown greens that we sell year-round, plus the grass-fed meats, local eggs, etc.

    Anyway, good job.
    Karen Holcomb

    1. Thank you, Karen. Spa City Co-op is on our list of buying local resources, and we just need to get it out there. And it can add market opening, closing and pickup to our calendar.

      Louise Lee

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